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Software Applications

These are applications developed and maintained by Prowox Int'l Co.

IGT Informal Revenue Collection Platform - Web & Mobile App Based.

Using integrated mobile (Near Field Communication) NFC technology and cloud computing to produce a complete platform to bridge the Informal Tax Collection gap; the goal is to provide the digital key, marrying conventional identification with technology. This will also give a real-time handshake to other stakeholders such as State Ministry of Health & Primary Health Care Centers to connect to the platform in providing necessary health care.

  • The current landscape for digital identification indicates Mobile ID is "increasingly emerging as a preferred choice for implementing digital ID systems." Among other authentication and identification technologies, our Mobile App concept is linking Taxpayers’ biometrics generated unique ID to Tax Records.

Consumption Tax Compliance & Reporting GATEWAY

The CT Gateway is State & Federal Compliance & Reporting Gateway for processing Sales Invoices & Receipt Data by Businesses collecting CST on behalf of the respective authorities. Reconciliation fit for purpose. BIR Expectations Utilise the "right people, process and system to manage taxes against policy/obligations“ Work with wider finance and internal audits to ensure the process is being reviewed and tested. State Board of Internal Revenue (BIR) challenging businesses on whether they have taken regulated steps Other Local Authorities Turnover reconciliations are becoming standard practice during CT audit. Tax authorities requesting source ERP data. Authorities seek to use data mining software (IDEA, ACL, SAS) to automate much of the process.


  Taxation policy mandating the use of POS Electronic Machine with a seamless Internet enabled ERP Interface by specific businesses in the State & Federation collecting these levies from public consumers. Registration of businesses Compliance Sensitization Technical Implementation & Management Consultants certified

Data posting/collection and consolidation

Pre-built data sync for Azure Cloud service Posting of data transaction level fields Various platform and language compatibility Php, ASP etc with different file formats such as .txt, .csv, .xls, .xml to enable simple integration with any system Automatic end-of-day/overnight posting of compliance data

Automatic data checking on import

Data checks ensure the compliance data that goes into CST returns are as accurate as possible Data is checked for Incoming and Outgoing CST category Reporting Data category are analyzed for compliance and verification review by the system Extracts identify errors can be flagged in the ERP for Audit team

Reconciliation analysis and data mining

Automated support for CST to GL reconciliation Data dictionary based CST reconciliation Inbound & Outbound CST reconciliation processes Direct drill down from the return boxes to the underlying invoices Data mining for flexible transactional reporting

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eVaccine Record Web/Mobile

A comprehensive Maternal and Child Health Care Software as a Service for Frontline health workers at the Primary Healthcare Centers across Nigeria. With an innovativative biometric digital identification systems, the solution stands out for its use of NFC technology and decentralize patient health data onto a mobile & wearable digital record, thereby allowing a true offline and digital interface between patient and provider. Most mHealth platforms rely on continuous internet connectivity to build their storage. Midwifes & Nurses work where connectivity cannot be taken for guaranteed and the App is best situated to give them in-field decision making support by retrieving the patient health data with a simple tap.